Monday, June 10, 2013

New Year Resolutions Revisited

In Fairview Park, Quezon City (in fairness), this is THE FIRST TIME I revisited my New Year's Resolutions. As in. E-V-E-R. I just usually make new ones the following year or just make new ones whenever I feel like doing so. Hahaha!

** kaba-kaba **

Wondering which of these resolutions I was able to fulfill, keep, neglect or just complete forget?  Let's do a check then.

** clammy ahnds **
** insert anxious music here **

1. EAT MORE HEALTHY FOOD -- Check!!!! Yehessss, I just started with the lifestyle program with Dr. JMC. I hope to keep this FOR LIFE. O ha!
2. MOVE TO BE MORE FIT -- Oh crap! Too tamad! My geeeehd!
3. SLEEP MORE -- Mej. Mej oo, mej hindi. Haha!
4. FORGIVE A GRUDGE -- A must do. But I still can't do until now. Hay, Lord, HELP talaga!
5. TAKE A COURSE -- I have decided. MBA. I just don't know when I will start. And yes, driving pala. Important.
6. FIX MY ROOM -- Check!!!! Uhuh, I did fix my room. With lots loads of help from Mom and Aling Diding. Haha!
7. START SAVING AND KEEP IT INTACT -- Major check!!!! Thanks to Edward for this. He really makes me save money. He gets masungit if I don't. Hehe.
8. GO GREEN -- Check! Easy-peasy since everywhere I go now does this. If not eco-bag, I use paper bag or boxes. I only use plastic bags if it's wet merchandise.
9. DO THE 7 FAITH HABITS -- Check but not consistent nor conscious. Must improve!

1. BE HAPPY -- Oh yes yes yes naman! =)
2. PAY IT FORWARD / EXPRESS MORE GRATITUDE -- Comes naturally now. So check din!
3. READ FOR PLEASURE -- I still do. Not much free time any more but I still get to read.
4. BITCH IT OUT WHEN SOMEONE DESERVES IT -- Ay oo naman! Bonggang-bongga!
5. SERVE GOD -- I have to do better on my attendance. Lord, sustain my heart and rekindle my commitment.

All these I do to be a better person. 
All these I do to be a better me. 
All these I do to be a better steward of God. 

All these are for You, Lord. 
Please give me strength, endurance, patience, faith and strong will. 

Will check again sometime September or October! =)

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